Ask about our tree lopping service in Victoria

Tree lopping can prevent your trees from taking over your property in Victoria

From tree lopping to stump removal, at Skyrider Tower Hire Pty Ltd, we handle all aspects of tree maintenance. No matter what type of job we are working on in Victoria, we want to ensure that our operations do not adversely affect the environment around us. To make sure this is always true, we have established the environmental management plan. By planning, training our staff and putting procedures in place, we have developed a plan that truly works. Some aspects in our environmental management plan include air quality and soil protection.

Expert carrying out tree lopping in Victoria


Seeing as tree lopping can sometimes create lots of noise, all equipment will be maintained to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure that the amount of noise created will be within legislative requirements. The time at which the equipment is used will also be controlled within the times allocated by the local authority to ensure the minimum amount of disruption to the general public.

Waste management

At Skyrider Tower Hire Pty Ltd, our employees are trained to ensure all rubbish or pollution is removed from the site on completion of works.

Any rubbish created at the site will be removed from the site and discarded at the nearest council waste facility. If there is a pollution incident then it will be cleaned up within the hour and any polluted materials will be removed from the site and taken to the appropriate waste collection facility. All trucks are supplied with Kitty litter to ensure the entrapment of any spills and their easy removal.

Social responsibility

Site management and clean up will be undertaken with a high level of regard for public safety concerns and minimisation of visual impacts. All cut vegetation will be cleared from the site within the working day wherever possible, therefore reducing any concerns to the general public. So if you are looking for a tree maintenance company in Victoria that cares about the environment, speak with us today.