Call in the tree maintenance experts for help in Victoria

Need help with tree maintenance in Victoria? For all types of tree trimming and stump removal, call in the experts at Skyrider Tower Hire Pty Ltd. With an excellent track record of helping Victorian businesses with their overgrown trees, you can count on our team to help keep your community safe, while improving the aesthetic qualities of your area.

For your peace of mind, we have achieved certifications to the ISO 9002-1994 Safety Standards on the 6th May 1997. We are also audited on a yearly basis to ensure compliance with the above certification.

What we offer

Helping both commercial and council clients for tree maintenance in Victoria, at Skyrider Tower Hire Pty Ltd our services include:

  • Tree lopping
  • Tree trimming under powerlines
  • Arborist reports
  • Stump removal
  • Mulching and sale of mulch
  • Hire of elevated platform vehicles

Why our clients trust us

Why do so many clients in Victoria keep coming back to us for our tree maintenance services? At Skyrider Tower Hire Pty Ltd we have put a system in place that helps to ensure our clients receive the highest possible work standards and quality. The external audit performed by quality assurance services is a guarantee to our clients that our work practices are always of the highest integrity.

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